Immigration Court Date

When is my immigration court date? Check the Status of Your Case

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Immigration court date. What is EOIR or immigration court?

EOIR or Immigration Court offers a 1-800 number where an individual can call and inquire about their future immigration court date and other items related to their case.

You can call our office for more information. To access this information on the internet, please follow the steps described below:

Immigration Court Phone Number

The system works as follows: (1) Dial 1-800-898-7180

Press “1” to hear the instructions in English or “2” to hear the instructions in Spanish. An automated operator will ask you to input the nine digits following the “A” in your alien registration number, or if your A number has only eight digits, it will ask you to input “0” plus the eight digits, on your touch-tone phone (The system will not work if you have a rotary or “dial” phone.)

Upon inputting your alien registration number, the system will ask you to press “1” to confirm that you have inputted your number correctly “2” if you wish to reenter your number. Once your number has been accepted by the system, the automated operator will spell your name, last name first. She (the automated operators are all female) will ask you to press “1” to confirm your name or press “2” to reenter your alien registration number (which is advisable if the name is not yours).

Austin Immigration Attorney Joseph Muller helped us preparing this article. The system to find out your immigration court date or any other information herein is subject to change without any prior notice.

Listen to the menu – Once your name has been confirmed, the operator will ask you to enter one of the following menu items:

  • Date of the next hearing,
  • The asylum processing information,
  • Decision information,
  • Information from the case appeal, or The presentation of information.

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