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Order to Show Cause

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An Order to Show Cause (OSC — also known as a Request for Order in California,) is a way to require both parties to appear in court to obtain a court order. An order may make someone do something, such as pay child support. Or it may stop someone from doing something, like harassing another person. Also, an order may simply set a date for something to happen, like the beginning of a trial.

Some of the most common scenarios when a judge may require you to present an order to show cause are:

You must give the person you are suing (or who is suing you) a chance to respond. That is, you must give him or her “notice” in writing of your order to show cause. Read on to learn more about what an order to show cause entails and how AttorneyFee can help.

Order to show cause (O.S.C.) is a demand of a judge for a party to justify, explain or prove why the court should or should not grant a motion. For example, if a party request a restraining order from a judge, the judge may feel he needs more information before deciding and issue an order to show cause.

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