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Is It Legal To Purchase And Use CBD Oil In The UK?

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It is illegal to grow, consume, purchase almost all cannabinoids in the UK as they are listed as controlled substances under the Misuse of Drugs Act. Cannabinoids are the active ingredients in cannabis. They make users feel high after they consume it.

For instance, THC is illegal in the United Kingdom. THC is the active ingredient in cannabis. It causes people to feel high. You will put yourself at risk of criminal prosecution if you purchase, distribute, or produce any product containing THC. The penalties vary depending on the specific crime that you commit.

However, the government has not listed CBD as a controlled substance under the Misuse of Drugs Act. It is legal for consumers to purchase and use CBD in the UK. However, the CBD has to be derived from an EU-approved industrial strain of hemp.

The UK and EU governments ensure CBD products are in full compliance with the law by placing certain restrictions on them. Here are the criteria the CBD oil (or any other CBD product) must meet to be legal:

EU-approved, industrial hemp strain should be used to produce it. Products, which could be illegal, do not comply with the law because unregulated, unapproved strains of cannabis or hemp are used to make them.

There are currently 63 different strains for industrial hemp that the EU has approved, so they can be used to manufacture CBD products.

It should have a maximum of 0.2% THC. It is the quantity of THC that cannot cause you to feel high because it is small enough. It should be easy to separate the THC content of the product from the rest of the contents of the product.

The marketing of the product should comply with regulations. The strict regulations dictate how CBD and similar products can be marketed, which include medicinal and health claims made about these products.

Products, which exceed these limits, are allowed in the UK in certain cases. Some of these products include; cannabis-based products that are above the 0.2% THC restriction. For instance, you can use a cannabis-based drug known as Sativex in the UK. Sativex is used as medical treatment.

It is only available from a doctor since it is a prescription treatment. Unlike other CBD products, it is not widely available. It is used specifically for treating multiple sclerosis (MS). Remember that though CBD is legal in the UK and Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland has different laws around CBD.

In conclusion, it is legal to purchase, use and possess CBD in the UK as long as the marketing fully complies with existing regulations, it is made using an EU-approved type of hemp, and it has low or no THC in content.

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