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Demand Letter – Sue a Car Dealer for Misrepresentation or Fraud

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So you spent days even weeks browsing through a plethora of ads and reviews to find the perfect car for yourself. Once you did find one, sealed the deal, signed the paperwork, and brought your dream car home to find out it is not what you expected.

There can be various reasons where a car dealer may be at fault by not being honest about the car they sold. Some of them can be:

  • The vehicle they sold to you was not of reasonable quality.
  • The vehicle had underlying faults in the engine, radiator, or other parts.
  • The car dealer made misleading or false “as in, where is” statements.
  • The vehicle information in the advertisement was misleading.
  • The previous owner did not pay off the car loan or there are pending taxes on the used car.
  • No spare parts are available for the used car.
  • It has an irreparable fault.
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So what do you do now? The answer is a demand letter, and you must educate yourself with this legal document to help you get your money’s worth via refund or compensation from the auto car dealer.


What is a Demand Letter?

A demand letter is a professional and formal document sent by a party to another requesting payment or other actions to right a wrong. In this case, you can send a demand letter to the car dealer for selling you a faulty car and ask them for compensation or a refund.

A lawyer generally drafts demand letters. They are frequently used legal documents in the corporate world before the victim (i.e., you) take legal action against the recipient (i.e., the car dealer). However, they are not a pre-requisite for taking the party at fault to the court. You can take legal action against the car dealer without executing or issuing a demand letter.

Why a Lawyer?

A demand letter will notify the auto car dealer that you wish to take legal action against their misleading conduct. While you can always write it yourself, there are some excellent reasons why you should get a lawyer to write a demand letter for you, and these include:

  • A lawyer will know precisely how to express your grievance in a strongly worded, professionally written legal document. Plus, this document will be legally admissible if you decide to go to court.
  • A demand letter on the printed letterhead of a lawyer will make your intentions clear for further legal actions. It will add weightage to your claim.

Content of Your Demand Draft

Although there is no prescribed length of a demand draft, the opening statement must include the purpose of your letter. You must then mention in detail the misleading claims or faults you found out about the car. End the letter proposing some solutions and mention your expectation from the auto car dealer. It can be anything from a refund to making up on this mistake by providing an appropriate vehicle or any other compensation that you and your lawyer may deem fit for the inconvenience caused to you.

Why is a Demand Letter Effective?

Demand letters can be effective in resolving disputes before taking the matter to court. Plus, if your lawyer drafts a demand letter for you, it will give the car dealer a chance to rectify his mistake without facing a lawsuit.