Cease and Desist Letter Cost

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Pay a flat rate of $299 for an attorney to draft your Cease and Desist letter using his/her law firm letterhead and send it via certified mail with return service requested. For more information visit our online demand letter service page. Send a demand letter

Cease and Desist Letter Cost

The cost of a cease and desist letter will vary depending on whether you are drafting it yourself or using an attorney.

If drafting the letter yourself, the cost will be relatively inexpensive. The costs when drafting it without an attorney may include:

  • Template Costs (if you do not use a free or self-created letter template)
  • Stationary Costs
  • Postage Costs

However, if you are using an attorney, the costs can get expensive. Most attorneys will offer a free consultation to initially discuss your case and the recommended course of action. When an attorney is hired to draft the letter, one can expect the following average costs for a cease and desist letter from an attorney:

  • Solo-Practicing Attorney:  $750 – 1,200 to draft and send demand letter
  • Partnership Law Firms:  up to $1,500 to draft and send demand letter
  • Large Legal Firms:  $3,000 – 5,000 to draft and send demand letter

As you can see, the cost factor between writing your own cease and desist letter is dramatically lower than using an attorney. However, depending on the situation, using an attorney and paying the costs will benefit in the long run.

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